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Pine (Pinus spp)    
Family: Pinaceae      
  Red Pine


  • Dry, sandy soils


  • Cone-bearing evergreen tree
  • Branches whorled around trunk, add new whorl each year
  • Height: Red 21-24 m (70-80 feet); White 33 m (100 feet)


  • many parts useful with fires – resin for starting fire, dried wood for bow drill, needles as tinder in poor weather
  • durable, lightweight wood used in raft building
  • dense boughs of needles for roof covering of outdoor shelter
  • twig can be used as toothbrush





  • Needles in clusters, bound at base
  • Occur in groups of two (eg: Red Pine, Pinus Resinosa) to five (eg:White Pine, Pinus strobus)
  • Red Pine needles break crisply when bent



  Red Pine Leaf  



  • Dark and furrowed in White Pine
  • Rectangular plates, lighter, reddish tinge in Red Pine



  Red Pine Bark  




  • cones specific to species
  •  seeds occur in pairs between scales
  • Long, tapering, slender cones in White Pine
  • Short, rounded cones in Red Pine
    Pine cone  
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