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Posion Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans)    
Family: Anacardiaceae      
  Poison Ivy

Location: Favorite location is at woodland edges, not common above 1500 m of altitude.


  • Comes in three forms – as a shrub, climber, or trailing vine
  • Old stems of vines covered with thick fibers


  • WARNING! DO NOT touch this plant – all parts contain a skin irritant that causes inflammation, blisters, and swelling





  • 3-parted leaves, long stalked
  • Variable in nature – can be hairy or not, shiny or dull, tooth and wavy-edged, or neither
  • Can be reddish in dying leaves
  • Twigs brown, aerial rootlets if climbing

Fruiting Structures:

  • Small, yellow flowers
  • White, small, clustered fruits



Poison Ivy Leaves
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