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Practical Plants - Fire


Fire is an essential tool for surviving in the wild. Not surprisingly, you can use it for two main purposes, heating and cooking.


bow drill

If you have matches or a lighter available, you will not need to do a bow drill. However, at all cases you will need to collect material for tinder and fuel.
Bow drill is a method of starting a fire on your own.To get the detailed instructions on how to make a bow drill, please see:

Wood from following plants is good for making your own equipment for the bow drill:
Cottonwood (fireboard of bow drill)
Pignut Hickory (drill and handle)
Birch  (hardwood)
Pine  (dried wood)
Great Burdock
Atlantic White Cedar (use the springy branches)


Following plants can be used to help start the fire and strengthen the flame.

Atlantic White Cedar (flaky bark)
Birch (bark)
Cottonwood (shredded inner bark)
Great Burdock (leaves)
Milkweed (down)
Pine (resin and needles)
Sphagnum Moss (dried)
Oak Galls
Juniper (bark)


You can use different woods as fuel for different purposes.

Slow Cooking:
Pignut Hickory

Fast Cooking and Heating:
Witch Hazel

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