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Oak Galls  
  Marble Galls

Location: Found often on foliage, twigs and acorns of Oak species (Quercus spp)


  • Abnormal plant tissue growth or swelling
  • Caused by chemicals released by parasitic insect larvae dwelling within the structure
  • Oaks host wasp (Order hymenoptera) galls


  • Can be sprinkled over bonfire to strengthen it







Knopper galls:

  • On acorns
  • Acorns ridged and distorted
  • Yellowish and sticky
  • Later brown and woody

Artichoke galls:

  • On buds
  • Swollen bud tissue
  • Summer-autum
  • l

Currant galls:

  • On foliage
  • Spherical yellowish or reddish
  • Spring








Oak apples:

  • On foliage
  • Whitish-pink or brown
  • Round, corky
  • Early spring

Marble galls:

  • On buds
  • Green or brown
  • Spherical, woody
  • Throughout the year

Common spangle galls:

  • Late summer
  • Yellowish to brown
  • Disc shaped
  • Late summer

  Marble Gall
Marble Gall
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