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Welcome to Medicinal Plants of the Northeast, an Electronic Field Guide

In today's modern world, many people think that the use medicinal plants and herbs is a thing of the past. While modern medicine has made huge advances and many synthetic drugs can be created in the laboratory, the importance of medicinal plants cannot be denied. Over 40% of all prescription drugs sold in the United States contain at least one ingredient derived from nature. In these plants, one may find a wealth of biologically active compounds, many whose functions have not been thoroughly investigated. It is estimated that only 2% of all plant species have been scientifically researched for medicinal potential. Even with this tiny percentage, some of the uses we have found for plants and plant derivatives are truly amazing. It will be very exciting to see what other uses we can discover for natural products in the coming years.

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Disclaimer - Very Important Information:

This website is designed to help you identify some of the many medicinal plants of eastern Massachusetts and the Northeast. This website is non-exhaustive and does not include similarities to some poisonous species. Only a doctor or liscensed medical care professional can prescribe a plant or herb for you. I am NOT a doctor, I cannot and do not prescribe any of the plants listed on this site.

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