If you are interested in learning more about invasive and exotic species, these are some of the websites that we found to be valuable resources :

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England

This website has pictures of the invasive plants found in New England, as well as maps detailing locations of invasive species and information about prevention and detection.

Plant Conservation Alliance

This website has a list of all the plants known to be invasive in the United States, as well as detailed fact sheets on many of them.

This website details the laws and regulations surrounding invasive species on the state, national and international levesl, as well as providing general information, and the ever amusing Invasive Species of the Month.

USDA Plants Database

This website provides information on the taxonomy and distribution of a vast number of plant species, as well as up to date and complete lists of invasive plants, introduced plants, and noxious weeds on both the federal and state levels.