Asiatic Dayflower

Commelina communis

Common Name: Asiatic dayflower     
Scientific Name: Commelina communis
Family: Commelinaceae
Growth Form: Herb
Native Range: East Asia
Alien Range: Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, southern Massachusetts
Introduction: Asiatic dayflower was introduced as an ornamental.
Description: ·Leaves: Alternate, simple. Lanceolate. Parallel veins, hairs on upper and lower surface.  5-10 cm (2-4 in.) long. Entire margins.  Heart shaped spathe

·Stem: Can grow .5- 1 m (1.5-3 ft.) tall. 

·Flowers: 3 petals.  Upper two blue, lower smaller and white. Lower petal supports curved stamens.  Flowers June-October.

·Fruit: Capsule with two cells.  Cell contains two rough brown or black seeds.
Threats: The Asiatic dayflower can be a pest to gardeners and displaces other plants.  Forms dense communities.
Fun Facts: Each flower on the Asiatic dayflower only lasts one day.
Growth form
Plant with buds