Creeping Woodsorrel

Oxalis corniculata

Common Name: Creeping woodsorrel
Scientific Name: Oxalis corniculata
Family: Oxalidaceae
Growth Form: Herb
Native Range: World-wide
Alien Range: Southern, mid-western and eastern United States
Introduction: Brought by European settlers. Propagation is by seed or stolon.   
Description: ·Leaves: Alternate and compound with 3 heart shaped leaflets. Leaflets 1-2 cm (0.5-1 in.) wide.  Smooth; margins entire with hair.  Purplish. 

·Stem: Erect; green to purple color; hairy.  Unbranched, or branched from the base. 

·Flowers: Yellow.  7-11 mm (0.5 in.) in diameter.  5 petals, 4-9 mm (0.25-0.5 in.) long, 5 sepals.  Cluster on stalks that rise out of the leaf axils.  Present from May to September.

·Fruit: Capsule with ridges and hair, 1-1.5 cm (0.5-0.75 in.) long.  Seeds are brown, oval, 1-1.5mm long.  Sticky coating.
Threats: Creeping woodsorrel is a weed of greenhouses, landscapes, and lawns.  It is a pest to gardeners.
Fun Facts: The seedpods of the creeping woodsorrel are triggered to violently expel the seeds at the slightest pressure.
Leaves with flower