Common Name

Genus species

Common Name: This will give you the most prevalent common name of the species, followed by any other names applied to it.
Scientific Name: This will give you the scientific name, consisting of Genus and species
Family: This will tell you the family to which the species in question belongs.
Growth Form: This tells you what type of plant it is.
Native Range: This tells you where the plant is from. Plants evolve to best take advantage of the environment in their native range. When a plant is removed from its native range, often it is released from environmental pressured that prevented out of control growth. This is why plants can become invasive when they are introduced to new locations.
Invasive/Alien Range: This tells you where the plant has naturalized to. Most often this will include the Boston area.
Introduction: This tells you how, and possibly why, the plant got from its native environment to its alien environment. For some plants this is known with a great deal of specificity, for other plants this information is more elusive. This section will also give information about how this species spreads.
Description: ·Leaves: This will describe the leaves.

·Twigs:  This will describe the twigs of tree species

·Bark: This will describe the bark of tree species. This may also contain details about the trunk or height of the tree.

·Branches: This will describe the branches of shrub species.

·Stem: This will describe the stem of herbaceous species. This is the section that will tell you how tall the plant grows.

·Flowers: This will describe the flowers of all species. 

·Fruit: This will describe the fruit and seeds of all species.
Threats: This will describe any threats or harmful effects the species in question is known to pose to the environment.
Fun Facts: This will attempt to provide some sort of interesting information about the plant. Even if the fun fact states that something is edible, please do not try to eat it. Not all plants are what they seem, and we would feel really bad if you got sick.
Whole Tree
Leaf Glands
English ivy on a tree
English ivy taking over a tree
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