Bitter Nightshade
Solanum ducamara

Family- Solanaceae, also include Matrimony-Vine (Lycium)

Other Names: Bittersweet Nightshade


Notice my "flippers"

Special Features:
Introduced to the United States for decoration, originally from Eurasia.

Use Caution:
Can be poisonous to livestock.
The berries may be poisonous to children. (Uva 348)


Leaves: Alternate, Simple. Distinctly Lobed with
Deep Opposite Sinuses.
Can also be Oval Without Lobes.
No Teeth, No Hair. 4 x 7 cm.

Flowers: Petals are also deeply lobed,
with 5 lobes.

Fruits: Red, oval berries (8-12 mm)

Growing Method: Twining, trailing or erect.

Location: Shapiro-Brown