Summer Grape
Vitis aestialis
Family- Viticeae, also includes Boston Ivy & Virginia Creeper

See also New England Grape (Vitis novae-angliae)


Notice the hariness on the leaf veins and stalk


Leaves: Alternate, Simple., Heart-shaped, Finely toothed.
Green top, White or Whitish-yellow beneath.
Underside and veins often red, wooly, particularly in young grapes. Hairiness is most dense near leafbase, Up to 23 cm.

Stem: Hairy, purplish

Tendrils: Forked, absent at every third leaf.

Flowers: Green, blooming from May to July

Fruits: Black, circular, blooming September to October or so

Growing Method: Climbs using tendrils

Location: Bottom of Library Hill and Next to Spingold Theater.