Common Greenbriar
Smilax rotundifolia
Family- Smilacaceae

Other Names: Roundleaf greenbriar, bullbriar, horsebriar


The strong thorns are an important characteristic in identifying Greenbriar, because no other vine has thorns.

*Some photos here courtesy of Nicholas Sylvain


Leaves: Opposite, Simple. Round or Heart-Shaped, Leathery, No teeth, Green on both sides.
About 5- 13 cm.

Stem: Green

Thorns: Present, strong.

Tendrils: Unforked, at base of leaf stem

Flowers: Greenish, Small, blooming April to August

Fruits: Bluish-Black, Small Berries, seen from September often through the Winter

Growing Method: Climbs by Tendrils

Location: Charles River Woods & Newton

Curly tendrils grow opposite each other at leaf base. Notice how one is grabbing onto a stalk behind it