Poison Ivy
Toxidentrin radicans
Family- Anacadiaceae, also includes Sumac (Rhus)



Special Features:

"Leaves of 3, Let them be"

Many people have an allergy to the resinous oils
in the leaf,called urushiols. The symptons include a rash, blistering and itching.
About 50-60 percent or Americans are allergic (Uva)

Autumn in Waltham: Leaves turn bright red and yellow,
but remember, look only!


Leaves: Alternate, Palmately Compound, 3 Leaflets, Ovate, about 20 cm long, Irregularly toothed or not toothed at all, can even be Lobed.
Two side leaflets have a very short petiole, middle leaf has longer one.

Flowers: Small, Yellowish-Green, from May to June

Fruits: White berries without hair, late summer

Growing Method: Aerial Rootlets. Can be a trailing or climbing.

Location: Goldfarb Library

Aerial Rootlets