Virginia creeper
Parthenocissus quinquefolis
Family- Vitaceae, also includes Grapes & Boston Ivy


Virginina Creeper can Climb to Great Heights

Autumn in Waltham: Virginia creeper leaves will turn purple


Leaves: Alternate, Palmately compound, 5 leaflets, Oblong, Sharply Toothed from middle to tip of leaflets,
Green on top, Whitish-Green underneath,
2 bottom leaflets slightly smaller than the rest,
Leaves are grow up to 20 cm
Hairiest where at leafbase.

Stem: Magenta, can be green, almost Rounded, slightly Hairy

Stalk: Bumpy

Flowers: Small, Greenish, blooming June to August

Fruits: Tiny, Blue berries August to February

Tendrils: Opposite each leafbase. Disc-tipped.

Growing Method: Disc-tipped Tendrils & Twining Stalks

Location: Under Spingold Theater's back stairs, Sacchar Woods and Charles River Apartments

Not only does the Virginia creeper have distinct tendrils, but its bright colored stem also make this common vine noticeable.

Disc-Tipped Tendrils help the Creeper to climb and sprawl