About the Author


Mara B. Cohen is a 2004 Graduate of Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts. She graduated with a BA in Politics and Minors in Environmental Studies and Spanish. All of the photos on this website, with the exception of about four, were taken by Mara. This website was created as part of her Field Biology class in the Fall of 2003.

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Ms. Cohen would like to Acknowledge everyone who made this website possible

Professor Dan Perlman, Biology, Brandeis University: For your kind suggestions and availability during the website process and for making plant identification so enjoyable

Lisa Leombruni, Field Biology TA: For your understanding & wise suggestions, having done this last year

Deb Verhoff and the ITRC Staff: For you constant patience and help

Glenn Adelson, Harvard University: For teaching us about winter plants and aiding me in the identification of the Bittersweet

Vanessa Anik & Nicholas Sylvain: For providing a couple much needed photos

Field Bio Class 2003: For being such great and enthusiatic people

Robert Jackel: For your understanding during the sometimes frustrating creation of this site & helpful hints

Sarah Crane: For listening to my enthusiastic vine identifications when we ran