Words to Know

Alternate- leaves staggered on stalk

Bramble- bush that arches and usually is prickly or bristly

Compound- leaf structure where many leaflets come out of one bud

Disc-tipped- suction cups at the end of tendrils

Growing Method- manner that explains how a plant moves

Lobe- protruding sections of a leaf

Opposite- leaves growing across from each other

Palmately- leaflets stalks all grow from central point

Pinnately- leaflets in a feather-like arrangement

Shrub- plant that grows from many stalks, usually densely

Simple- leaf structure in which only one leaf grows out of each bud

Sinus- concave parts of leaf formed by presence of lobes

Teeth- jagged leaf edges

Tendrils- growth on a vine that help it climb or grab its surroundings

Twining Stalks- growing pattern of vine where it wraps itself around another plant

Thorns- sharp spikes on stalk or stem

Vines- plant that climbs or sprawls by using other objects