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This website provides you with four different ways to arrive at a species page.

Characteristics- By searching through category, you can use the features of the leaves, tendrils or thorns to identify your species. Each page will give you a few options to help with the identification of your plant’s features, guiding you to the species page.

Name- When you know the plant’s common or scientific name, you can go straight to the species page by clicking here and finding the name in the alphabetical list.

Growing Method- If your plant has a particular manner of growing here is the search page for you. From here you can use the growing method: tendrils, aerial rootlets, erect stalks, etc. to find your species.

Location- For those who have come to the Brandeis campus in Waltham, Massachusetts and cannot remember much about the plant except it’s location, here is the link to click. An aerial map of the campus can help you hone in the spot and find all the vine and shrub species that reside there.

Other links:

Home- If you ever need to come back to the start page, just click on the Home link

About Author- To learn more about the creator of this website, including its text and photographs, see this page.

Help- Whenever you get confused about the website, click Help to take you back to this page.

Glossary- During the identification of your plant, you may find words that you are unfamiliar with, for that you can click on Glossary to find an alphabetical list of terms

References- The identification of these vines and shrubs could not be done without the help of two main books, which are referenced in this section. Click on References to find the sources uses so that you may learn more about vines and shrubs.