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Common Nightshade
Solanum ptychanthum

Other Names: Solanum americanum, Solanum nigrum (experts disagree on the scientific name)

  • star-shaped head is ~8 mm (3/8 inch) 5 white petals that bend slightly back toward stem
  • cone in center of petals composed of yellow anthers
  • 5-10 cm (2-4 inches)
  • irregularly toothed (wavy)
  • narrow, pointy, somewhat triangle-shaped
  • ovate
  • in many parts of North America
  • found in open, wooded and distressed areas
Flowering Time
  • June - November
  • Non-native species
  • fruits are tomato-like berries – shiny and green when unripe, turning black when ripened
  • leaves and green, unripe berries contain the poison solanine
  • although the toxicity declines with ripening, eating the fruit should be avoided
Name Origin
  • N/A
Common Nightshade and berry

Common Nightshade Leaf