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Spotted Jewelweed
Impatiens capensis
Other name: Spotted Touch-Me-Not
  • Balsaminaceae - Jewelweed Family
  • orange red-spotted flower (2.5 cm,1 inch)
  • dangles from long stem
  • five petals and three sepals, two of which are green and one of which is the same color of the petals
  • side pairs of petals are fused to appear as one
  • sack-like petal has a hook at the back of the flower.
  • oval-shaped
  • coarsely toothed
  • on a succulent stem that exudes juice when broken
  • moist, shaded areas
  • found in many parts of North America
Flowering Time
  • July - October
  • sap of the stem is used to relieve the irratation of poison ivy, athletes foot, and nettles
Name Origin
  • The name Touch-me-not refers to the seed dispersal mechanism of this plant, where the fruiting bodies/pods when ripe explode at any slight application of pressure. We urge you all to try this out, it will offer hours of fun and help the plant spread its seed!

Spotted Jewelweed Flower

Spotted Jewelweed Plant