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Sweet Pepperbush
Clethra alnifolia

Other Names: N/A

  • Clethraceae – Clethra or White Alder family
  • 8 mm (3/8 inch) head
  • white with a sweet fragrance
  • style is protruding
  • arranged in an erect cluster at the end of branch
  • as long as 7.5 cm (3 inches)
  • triangular with broadly-pointed tip
  • no teeth from base to middle of leaf, middle to tip has sharp teeth
  • in most of eastern North America
  • found in wetlands and sandy wooded areas
Flowering Time
  • July - September
  • plant is a shrub with many branches and leaves and can be from 90-300 cm (3-10 feet) tall
  • usually found in groups
  • fruit is a small, round peppercorn
Name Origin
  • N/A
Sweet Pepperbush flower

Sweet Pepperbush stem