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Yellow Wood Sorrel
Oxalis stricta

Other Names: Sour Grass

  • Oxalidaceae – Wood Sorrel family
  • 1.5 cm (0.5 inch) head
  • 5 yellow petals
  • pistil stands upright
  • palmately compound - 3 leaflets, each 1.5-2 cm (0.5-0.75 inch) and shaped like a heart – similar to a clover leaf
  • sour to taste
  • leaflets close at night
  • in many parts of North America
  • found along roads, in fields and disturbed, waste areas
Flowering Time
  • May - October
  • plant is 15-38 cm (6-15 inches)
  • has a common weed in rural and urban areas
  • may have originated in North America
  • seedpods stand erect and form a sharp angle between their bent stalks and themselves
Name Origin
  • Oxalis, the genus name for this flower, come from oxys, the Greek word for sour.
Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel

Yellow Wood Sorrel Leaf and Seed Pods