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Araneidae Metazygia wittfeldae

Order: Araneae

Family: Araneidae (orb weavers)

Genus: Metazygia

The abdomen is yellow with a brown wavy triangle, the widest part of which is near the cephalothorax . The carapace is orange brown in the front, and yellow in the back, behind a v-shaped division. The abdomen is rounded, and does not have shoulder humps . The female is 8 to 10 mm, and the male 6 to 7 mm.

In tall grass.

Orb Weavers, are known for the large, flat, round web they spin. The basic web form consists of numerous spokes radiating from a central hub. On this base, the spider spins a spiral of viscous silk that ensnares prey that touches it. The spider, waiting either at the center hub or at the periphery, senses vibrations caused by prey caught in the web. Prey is bitten and brought back to either the center or the side of the web where it is eaten. The web is generally maintained for a long time, and repairs are made frequently.

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