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Theridiidae Anelosimus textrix

Order: Araneae

Family: Theridiidae (Comb Footed or Cobweb )

Genus: Anelosimus

Also Known As: A. studiosus

A. textrix has characteristic wavy lines down the sides of its abdomen and a darker center area. The carapace and legs are orange-yellow. Like all theridiidae it has a globular abdomen and a small cephalothorax . All theridiidae, as noted in one of their common names, have a comb on their fourth legs. Length of female: 3.2-4.7mm; of male 2.1-2.3mm.

Bushes and trees in boreal forest.

Unlike most spiders, this spider and several others within this genus are social, preferentially living in colonies with conspecifics. The mothers provide parental care for their offspring for some time after they hatch. She feeds the offspring by regurgitation, and they remain in her web until they mature.

Theridiidae make loose, netlike webs with sticky strands at the bottom to capture passing insects. They use the comb on their fourth leg to comb out strands of silk for their snares.

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Last updated 12/13/2004