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Theridiidae Euryopis limbata

Order: Araneae

Family: Theridiidae (Comb Footed or Cobweb )

Genus: Euryopis

Also Known As: E. funebris

Like all Theriidae, this spider has a comb of 6 to 10 slightly curved hairs on tarsus IV. Females have globular abdomens. In life there is a triangular black marking with the broad part near the cephalothorax. It may have lighter markings on this at the very front. The border of this black marking is silver on the posterior half. The abdomen comes to a point behind the spinnerets (see picture). Females are 3 to 4 mm, and males are 3 mm.

Under leaves and moss on the ground.

Cobweb spiders build irregular webs with sticky outside threads to entangle prey. As the prey struggles, the spider pulls it into the web, throws silk over it, and kills it.

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Last updated 12/13/2004