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Theridiosomatidae Theridiosoma radiosa

Order: Araneae

Family: Theridiosomatidae (Ray Spiders)

Genus: Theridiosoma

The most distinguishing feature of this spider is the presence of three shiny orange or red spots on the underside of its abdomen (see picture). When alive, the abdomen is colored yellow or gray, but, when preserved, the coloring dissappears, leaving shining silver. The abdomen is globular and very large compared to the head. Females are about 2.7 mm; males about 1.6 mm.

Dark and damp areas, especially alongside streams.

Theridiosomatidae, Ray Spiders, form a small web that resembles a section of an orb web. A ray spider's web lacks a central hub. The supporting spokes of the web come together at several points around the center, with those strands eventually reaching the center. The end is pulled up by a single thread to form a cone. This thread can be released by the spider to trap prey within the web.

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Last updated 12/13/2004