Sycamore Maple

Acer pseudoplatanus

Family Aceraceae

Notable Features
Leaves: The opposite* leaves of this maple have five lobes*, deep, V-shaped sinuses*, and large, blunt-toothed* edges. The entire leaf is hairless, and the underside is somewhat whitened.
Twigs/Buds: Twigs are smooth and hairless, punctuated by large, green, blunt buds*.
Bark: Bark darkish gray and furrowed*.
Flowers/ Keys: Slender, dangling whitish flowers appear April through May and give rise to large, broad-winged keys* with thick, rounded seeds.
Size/Shape: A large maple, many reaching 100 feet (30 meters).

Location on Campus

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There are a few Sycamore Maples planted on the small grassy island across Peripheral Road from the Stoneman and Mailman buildings.

The Sycamore Maple, like all maples, can be tapped for maple sugar and syrup.

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