The Chapel's Field Thicket
The area around Chapel's Field behind the library has elements of several different habitats, and as such, has an extremely wide variety of life. The Field itself is mostly grassy and not too wet, making it an easy place to find low herbaceouns* plants such as Dandelions, Plantains, and Wood-Sorrels. North of the field (behind the library) is a dense but navigable thicket where you can find young Black Birch, a few Slippery Elms, and an abundance of Poison Ivy. Through the thicket flows a small runoff stream alongside of which is one of the only places on campus to find Jewelweed. Finally, at the Western end of all of this is Chapel's Pond. Just between the pond and Peripheral Rd. lies a fairly large group of Sugar Maples.

Numbers on the map refer to the location of the numbered species* below. Click on a species name to go to that species' individual page.

1. Sugar Maple 10. Rose
2. Black Maple 11. Black Birch
3. Sweetgum 12. Poison Ivy
4. Pokeweed 13. Smooth Sumac
5. Wild Grape 14. Chicory
6. Bittersweet Nightshade 15. Yellow Wood-Sorrel
7. Spotted Touch-Me-Not (Jewelweed) 16. Common Plantain
8. Slippery Elm 17. Common Dandelion
9. Sweet Low Blueberry

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