The Wooded Area Behind the Charles River Apartments
The moist, wooded area behind Graduate Housing is bordered by a small branch of the Charles River, the J-Lot parking area, and the Waltham cemetery, and is filled with numerous fire pits, trails, and small, steep hills. Wildflowers, Poison Ivy, Common Barberry, Yellow Wood-Sorrel, immature oaks, young maples, and skunk cabbage form a dense undergrowth, occasionally broken by vernal pools. The woods come to an end near an open, mowed field of the neighboring graveyard, along the edge of which grows waste land plants such as Wild Chamomile, Bull Thistle, and Common Burdock. A spectacular American Chestnut even grows by the water's edge about fifty feet from the open meadow.
Numbers on the map refer to the location of the numbered species* below. Click on a species name to go to that species' individual page.

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