The Grassy Hills Behind the Main Entrance to Brandeis
The low, grassy hills that are visible as you enter the Main Gate to Brandeis University are covered in plants placed there for strictly ornamental purposes, yet the only species* that we found there that can't be found anywhere else on campus was the Balsam Fir. The other species are all found elsewhere on campus, a few of them, such as Red Oak, White Pine, and the Common Dandelion, are some of the most common species at Brandeis.

*Note: that "Ford Hall," on the map below has been replaced with the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Student Center. This should not make it any more difficult to locate the species listed.

Numbers on the map refer to the location of the numbered species* below. Click on a species name to go to that species' individual page.
1. Pin Oak 7. Norway Maple
2. Balsam Fir 8. Red Maple
3. Red Oak 9. American Basswood
4. Black Oak 10. American Crabapple
5. Shagbark Hickory 11. Domestic Apple
6. White Pine 12. Common Dandelion (ubiquitous)

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