Sachar Woods
The relatively moist woods behind Sachar International Center, usually referred to as the Sachar Woods, are home to a mix of both deciduous* and evergreen* trees. The dominant species* in the woods are Red Oak, Black Birch, Eastern Hemlock, and White Pine, but several other species are common as well, including shrubs*, vines*, and herbaceous* plants.

Sadly, a map of the woods themselves was not available for this site, but one is hardly necessary to find and navigate them. They are relatively small, and contain only a few plants that occur rarely enough to warrant detailed directions. The approximate locations of some of these plants are noted by the numbers, which refer to the numbered list of rarer species below. Getting into the woods is also simple enough - as shown in the map above, the best ways to enter are from behind the Sachar building or through the small park behind H-lot (to do this, leave campus via the small walkway just North of H-lot and turn left).

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