Wild Lettuce

Lactuca spp.

Family Compositae (Asteraceae)

Notable Features
Leaves: Leaves deeply and irregularuly lobed*, and lance shaped. Lower leaves can grow up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) long.
Flowers: Numerous, dandelion-like, yellow flowers appear in clusters throughout the plant June through October.
Size/ Shape: A flowering plant 4 to 10 feet (1-3 meters) in height when mature.

Location on Campus

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Western side of X-lot.

Developing flower heads can be used as a flavorful vegetable addition to casseroles or other dishes. Young leaves can be used as an addition to salads, or boiled in a single change of water for 10 to 15 minutes and flavored with vinegar or butter and served as a cooked green.

NOTE: Wild lettuce leaves can be extremely bitter. It is recommended that these leaves be served with other greens so as to minimize the bitter taste.

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