Sweet Low Blueberry

Vaccinium angustifolium

Family Ericaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Leaves are alternate* and elliptical, with pointed tips smooth edges or very finely toothed*; exist on a short, smooth stem.
Twigs: TTwigs either bright green or red in color, and often take on a zigzag pattern, with a bud* at each change in direction.
Fruit/ Flowers: Small white, light pink, or green tinged flowers appear April through June. Dark blue berries, often covered with a fine white-powder, appear from these flowers June through September. Each berry has five calyx lobes* that form a star pattern.
Size/ Shape: A small, low-to-the-ground shrub, usually not exceeding heights of 18 inches (½ meter). Found in waste areas, forests, bogs, and tundra and in acidic soils.

Location on Campus

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Sweet Low Blueberries grow in the Sachar Woods, as well as around the edge of the thicket next to Chapel's Field.

The berries are a nice trailside snack eaten out of hand, dried, or can be made into a jelly or jam.

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