How to Browse this Guide
There are several different ways of accessing the information in this guide. Any of the four main methods of getting around - alphabetical, by characteristics, by uses, and by location - can be accessed by the toolbar at the top of almost every page on this site. For an explanation of how each works, and some of the subheadings under each, keep reading.

Browse alphabetically - This section is best for users who know what they're looking for, or for users who just want to see what species we've collected for the site. There are three sub-search methods in this section:

  • Browse common names - Lists as many common names of plants in this field guide as the authors could find, in as many different ways as they could imagine.
  • Browse scientific names - Lists scientific names of all of the plants in this guide in the format "Genus* species*"
  • Browse family names - Lists taxonomic* family* names of plants in this guide. OF the eight plant families that have more than one name, four are in this guide, and in these cases both names have been listed.

Browse by characteristics - The purpose of this section is to aid a new user in identifying unknown plant species. It asks a series of questions with between two and four possible responses, and the answers that the user provides helps the site determine what species a particular plant might be. It is, of course, far from comprehensive, as the warning on the main page indicates. There are four main sections:

Browse by uses - This section is for a user that knows what type of food they want to make, but not necessarily what they may need to prepare it. It lists 18 different things that you can make with wild plants on the Brandeis campus. Each of those links to a seperate page with a general recipe, followed by a list of the plants on campus that you might use to prepare it, a more specific description of how that particular plant is used, and a link to that plant's individual page. The categories are:

Browse by location - This section describes some of the main habitats on the Brandeis campus and what plants can be found there. These habitats are:

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