Yellow Wood-Sorrel

Oxalis stricta

Family Oxalidaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Leaves made up of three heart shaped, light green leaflets* in a clover-like arrangement; each leaflet has a central fold.
Seedpods/ Flowers: Yellow, five petaled flowers appear May through October. Erect seedpods form right angles with their stems.

Size/ Shape: A small, low-growing woodland flowering plant, 6 to 15 inches (15-37 centimeters) in height.

Location on Campus

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Located throughout campus, especially at the edge of the Brandeis Wetland behind the Farber Library, throughout Sachar Woods, and behind the Charles River Apartments.

The sour-tasting leaves can be used as an addition to salads, or can be steeped in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, cooled, and then sweetened with sugar or honey to make a cold drink.

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