Common Plantain

Plantago major

Family Plantaginaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Plantain leaves grow in a cluster around a central whorl*, and are broad and round. Veins in the leaf and petiole* are extremely tough and sinewy.
Fruit/ Flowers: A single leafless stalk rises out of the central whorl of the plant covered by a small infloresence* of green flowers.
Size/ Shape: A small weed that grows close to the ground in a basal rosette* shape; found on almost any cultivated lawn or field.

Location on Campus

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Located on the ground almost anywhere on campus. Almost certainly on Chapel's Field.

The young leaves can be used in salads, or as a cooked green. Boil tender leaves for 10 to 15 minutes and add butter when served. Collect leaves while they are still very young, for they become more stringy as they mature.

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