Domestic Apple

Pyrus malus

Family Rosaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Small, ovate*, scalloped* leaves with evenly spaced, usually more rounded teeth*; 1-4 inches (2-10 centimeters) long. Underside of the leaf tends to be a lighter color, usually gray or a fuzzy white.
Twigs: Slightly wooly with thorn-like tips.
Bark: Scaly and somewhat peeling; dark brown or gray in color.
Fruit/ Flowers: April through June, whitish-pink, 5-petaled, fragrant flowers appear. Each flower produces a yellowish fruit in the fall at least an inch (2½ centimeters) in diameter.
Size/ Shape: Medium sized and round. When mature, ranges from 20-30 feet (6-9 meters) in height.

Location on Campus

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Back of Spingold Theatre next to X-Lot. Also found between Slosberg Music Hall and the front of campus.

The fruits can be collected to make a wonderful jelly, or cold drink, or can be eaten raw. They taste somewhat more sour than orchard apples. They also contain a large amount of pectin*, and so may not need extra for jelly.

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