Bramble (Blackberry)

Rubus spp.

Family Rosaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Each leaf is 2-10 inches (5-25 centimeters) long, contains 3 to 7 leaflets*, evenly toothed* and somewhat sandpapery to the touch. The stems are covered in many sharp, small prickles*, and are either red or dark green.
Fruit/ Flowers: White, five-petaled flowers appear April through July, and yield dark red or black juicy berries June through September.

Size/ Shape: A low growing shrub*, non-climbing, with angular branches that form arches.

Location on Campus

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Western end of X-lot.

Young blackberry shoots* are edible and can be used in salads. Berries are edible right off of the bush, or can be used to make jam or a cold drink. Dried blackberry leaves can be used to make tea.

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