Bittersweet Nightshade

Solanum dulcamara

Family Solanaceae

Notable Features
Leaves: Leaves ovate*, with a pointed tip and two small pointed lobes* at the base.
Flowers/ Fruit: Five-petaled, violet flowers appear as offshoots of the woody stem May through October. Each of the five petals bends backward and away from the center of the flower, which contains a set of pointed, converging, yellow anthers*. Bright red, plump, ovular berries appear August through May, hanging in clusters off the main stem.
Bark: The smooth bark of the woody stems is a light brownish-gray.
Size/Shape: A small woody-stemmed climbing vine* that usually does not exceed 7 feet (2½ meters). Found creeping over low-growing bushes and forest shrubbery.

Location on Campus

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Growing in the shrubbery along the road between the library and C-Lot, just behind the Chapel's Field thicket. Also found in shrubs on the the left as you ascend Rabb Steps.

WARNING: Do not consume any portion of this plant. The berries look juicy and attractive, yet are very poisonous.

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