Gray Birch
Family: Betulaceae (View Members of Betulaceae)

Genus and Species: Betula populifolia

Leaves: The leaves are approximately 2-3" (5-7.5cm) long and 1.5-2.5" (4-6cm) wide. (View Measured Leaf) They are very triangular in shape, doubly saw-toothed and have a pointed tip. The stalks are slender and have black gland-dots on them. The leaves are shiny green on top and the bottoms are paler with small bunches of hair present. (View Leaves)

Bark: The bark is not as bright as the European White Birch, but does have a duller white color with gray horizontal rings and lines mixed in. It is dull and smooth, but not as smooth as the European White Birch. Also, the bark is not papery.(View Bark) The twigs are brown and have gland-dots as well.

Fruit: The cones are cylindrical, 0.75-1.25" (2-3cm) long, green at first, brown when ripe. When ripe, the cones easily break and crumble into hairy scales and hairy 2-winged nutlets. (View Fruit)

Tree: The tree is 30' (9m) tall, has shorter and less droopy branches as the European White Birch, as pictured to the left. It can often be seen as a bunch of branches, coming from a group of trunks.

Range and Habitat: Commonly located in the Northeast, from Ontario east to Maine, south to Pennsylvania. Usually found in drier areas, but can be located in relatively moist soil.

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Gray Birch Tree (Easton, NY, 10/18/02)