Paper Birch
Family: Betulaceae (Members of Betulaceae)

Genus and Species: Betula papyrifera

Leaves: The leaves are long and pointed, 2-4" (5-10cm) long and 1.5-2" (4-5cm) wide. (View Measured Leaf) They are doubly saw-toothed, as are most Birch leaves and are dull green above, paler underneath. (View Leaves)

Bark: The bark is generally pale and creamy in color, sometimes almost white. It is smooth and has horizontal lines or rings. When it is easily peeled off of the tree, it is possible to see the orange inner bark. However, the bark can be brownish at the base of the tree. The twigs are reddish-brown and hairless.

Fruit: The cones of the tree are 1.5-2" (4-5cm) long, cylindrical, green at first, brown when ripe. The can easily be broken into 2-winged nutlets. (View Fruit)

Tree: The tree can grow to be 50-70' (15-21m) tall and has branches that generally droop a little. It has an open crown and tends to be somewhat narrow, as pictured to the left.

Range and Habitat: Can be found across North America, as south as Pennsylvania and as north as Alaska. Usually located in moist regions.

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Paper Birch (Easton, NY, 10/28/02)