Northern Catalpa (Indian-bean)
Family: Bignoniaceae

Genus and species: Catalpa speciosa

Leaves: The leaves of this tree are quite impressive. They are heart-shaped, 6-12" (15-30cm) long and 4-8" (10-20cm) wide. (View Measured Leaf) There are three present at a node and are opposite. They are dull green on top and paler and hairy beneath. (View Leaves)

Bark: The bark is smooth, then becoming rough with scaly plates. It is brownish-gray. (View Bark) The twigs are green, stout and hairless.

Fruit: The fruit of this tree is long bean-like objects, hence "Indian-bean". They are 8-18" (20-45cm) long, thick and when split into two, they reveal light brown seeds. (View Fruit)

Tree: The tree can reach 50-80' (15-24m) in height and has a rounded crown with spreaded branches, as pictured to the left.

Range and Habitat: Not native around here, but thought to originate from Indiana to Arkansas. Planted across the United States. Generally, Catalpa prefer moist, open areas.

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Northern Catalpa Tree (Greenwich, NY, 10/18/02)