European Linden
Family: Tiliaceae

Genus and species: Tilia europaea

Leaves: The leaves are found in two rows. They are 2-4" (4-10cm) long and wide.(View Measured Leaf) They are rounded, almost heart-shaped, with a long pointed tip. They are unequal at the base and sharply saw-toothed, with long stalks. They are dark green above, paler beneath and hairless. They are generally smaller than the American Linden, but have very similar shape. (View Leaves)

Bark: The bark is gray, smooth and becomes furrowed with plates. (View Bark) The twigs are brown, and hairless.

Fruit: The fruit is 1/4" (6mm) in diameter, round and is attached to a long stem, which is attached to bracts. (View Fruit)

Tree: The tree grows to be 70' (21m) tall, and has a pyramid-shaped crown, as pictured to the left.

Range and Habitat: These trees are native of Europe, however, they are commonly planted and spread across the United States. They are usually grow in moist soils.

European Linden Tree (Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 9/30/02)
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