This website would not have been possible without the help of many people. I would first like to thank Professor Dan Perlman for providing the assignment and encouraging me to be interested and involved in facts about North American hardwood trees. Thanks to the Field Biology class of the fall semester 2002 for exploring the great outdoors with me and for some who gave me ideas used in this site.

The staff of the ITRC of Brandeis University, including Deb Verhoff, Ellen Callahan, David Wedaman, Todd Hartigan, Chris Roppola, and members of the student staff, were vital to the preparation of this electronic field guide. They helped me through countless hours spent in the computer lab, instucting me and allowing me to use their technology. A special thanks to Deb Verhoff of the ITRC for introducing the Field Biology class and me to the programs that were used to make the page.

Thanks to my parents for the use of their digital camera to gather all of the photos seen on the website. Also, for being very supportive in everything, especially when I first became interested in the subject of biology during elementary school.

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