A Guide to a Collection of

Hardwood Trees

of the Northeast

by Emily Watterworth


This website provides facts and photos of deciduous hardwood trees found in the Northeast of the United States. The site is designed for the purposes of tree identification. It allows one to identify a species through a series of possible links including leaf shape, family name and other properties of the species. The site includes numerous members of the following families of trees: Aceraceae, Betulaceae, Fagaceae, Juglandaceae, Leguminosae, and Salicaceae. The site also offers a random collection of other common tree species found in the Northeast. If you desire to identify a leaf found on the Brandeis University Campus, try out the page that has some of the species found on campus. Choose a general leaf shape, the family name, or location and begin your search!
Untoothed Simple Leaves
Toothed Simple Leaves
Lobed Simple Leaves
Compound Leaves