Family: Dictynidae
Genus: Lathys
Species: foxii
If you have found this spider you were looking on the ground among dead leaves in the woods. They build snare webs in the dead leaves. Look carefully at its eye placement and chelicerae to make sure that this is the correct spider.
This spider has huge chelicerae which hide its large poison glands. You can see the two side eyes that angle in toward the two small middle eyes. The two top eyes (visible when look down on spider) are small and clustered toward the others. This eye placement can really help ID this spider, especially the angling in of the two outer eyes on each side. This spider has 8 eyes.
Now look at this spider from the top view. Notice the small eyes again and the abdomen markings.
From the top view this spider's eyes are minimal.
Spider Length: Female = 2.2 mm Male = 2 mm
Location: New England and adjacent Canada south to Tennessee and west to Minnesota.