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ID Characteristics
Look at your spider. What are some distinguishing characteristics?   Look at the markings or color of the spider, the way its eyes are arranged, and its body shape. CLICK on the spider that looks the most like your spider according to the following categories.
Body Shape
Hour Glass shape
Wider Abdomen
Bubble Abdomen (very circular)
Thorax and abdomen are both oval and you can see an hour glass type shape. The abdomen is wider and larger than the thorax. The abdomen is like a huge bubble, much larger than thorax when seen from the top and from the side.
Long Abdomen
The abdomen is much longer than the thorax.
Eye Arrangement
Large Front Eyes
Clustered at end of head
Two vertical eye rows
Huge front facing eyes, many times larger than the others. Hard to distinguish between individual eyes. They are clumped together at the end of the head region. All the eyes are lined up so when look at the spider looks like two vertical rows of eyes.
Two outer eyes come in at an angle
Spaced out eyes
Two outer eyes on each side come in at an angle toward two front facing eyes. The two eyes are usually so close together looks like just one eye. The eyes are spaced out relative to the others. The largest eyes are the two outermost ones. Six eyes generally.
Look at both the thorax and abdomen for these general color schemes.
Brown with markings
Brown no markings
Gray Coloring
The thorax and/or abdomen is based in brown with other markings. The thorax and abdomen are completely brown with no markings. The thorax and/or abdomen have gray on them, sometimes in distinct patterns (as above) and sometimes not.
Yellow/orange, or red body
Very dark body (brown or black)
The body is either orange, yellow or red based maybe with other markings. The main color is very dark and then there may be lighter markings over.