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Family: Araneidae

Typical Orb Weavers

Genus: Araneus
These spiders spin orbs in order to catch their prey. Thus their name typical orb weavers. Orbs are the stereotypical webs that we think of with web lines coming in like spokes of a wheel and then circular radii spinning out from the center.
This spider has similar markings on its abdomen to the other spider in this genus. Click here to see other spider.
This spider has a black thorax and yellow abdomen. The abdominal markings are longitudinal striping along the sides of the abdomen and down the center.
You can see the enlarged tarsus of the pedipalps (those ball like structures right in front) which indicates that this spider is a male. Also the eyes are very indistinct and clumped together at the front of its head.
LOCATION: Eastern United States west to Iowa and Texas.