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Family: Linyphiidae

Line Weaving Spiders

Genus: Pitohyphantes Species: Costatus
Hammock Spider
This spider can be found on fences, in garages, on shrubs and the lower branches of trees.
The thorax is light yellow with thin black stripes at the outermost sides. There is a broad brown fork in the center of the thorax extending from the posterior median eyes. The abdomen is speckled with color showing some white markings and a brown pattern going lontitudinal down the center of the abdomen.
Here you can see the eye placement clearly. The two outermost eyes on each side are angled in towards the middle. They almost seem like one long eye. Notice the long chelicerae and the spotted legs as well. Also some spikey hairs along legs.
LENGTH: Females: 5-7mm Males: 4.5-6mm
LOCATION: New England south to North Carolina and west to the Pacific coast and across southern Canada.