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Family: Salticidae

The Jumping Spiders

Genus: Phidippus
This genus has the largest and hairiest jumping spiders. They can have eyebrow tufts of hair. Also their chelicerae are iridescent, notice in this spider the cheliceae are green.
Genus Phidippus almost always have white markings on the abdomen. In this spider the markings look yellow due to the preservative that the spider was in. Notice the very hairy body and dark black base color.
Picture showing the large front eyes, eyebrow tufts and green chelicerae. Also notice the striping on the legs.
Shot from life of spider on my house. Notice hairy body and green chelicerae are prominent. Also this spider was BIG!!! (My favorite).
LENGTH: Female:  13-19mm  Male: 9mm
LOCATION: New England and adjacent Canada west to the Rockies.