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Amanita bisporigera
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Scientific Name: Amanita Bisporigera; Family Amanitaceae;

Order Agaricales

Habitat: Under mixed woods, often in grass.

Color:Cap, gills and stalk white.

Size: Cap is 4-10.5 cm in diameter, stalk is 6-18 cm long, 0.5-2 cm thick

Gills: Attached, narrow, close.

Spore Print: white

Edibility: Deadly Poisonous

Characteristics: A lookalike for the Destroying Angel, Amanita bisporigera is slightly smaller thicker, and sturdier. It has a large basal bulb. These mushrooms are usually found in small groups or alone. The stalk has a ring on it. It can be found throught the continent, from June to November

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